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Free 15-minute consultation

While it’s great to have so many available resources to find a therapist, trying to find the right therapist for you can feel really overwhelming. And finding the right fit matters! We offer a free 15-minute consultation by phone so you can get a sense of whether we’re a good match. During this time, we can talk about what you would like to get out of therapy, our approach, and whether our style resonates with you.

Individual Psychotherapy

We are experienced in many evidence-based therapy modalities, including attachment theory, client-centered therapy, psychodynamic principles, mindfulness practices, and solution-focused therapy. Our work is also grounded in feminist, queer, and social justice theories, and we combine these and more practices to tailor therapy to your unique needs. Our work is especially helpful for people experiencing anxiety, depression, self-doubt, lack of motivation, and trouble with relationships.

We have a special interest in providing therapy for marginalized identities (BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, etc). That said, we believe firmly that therapy is for everyone. We are committed to providing respectful, sensitive, and compassionate services for all.

Private Pay Rate: $160 – $200 with sliding scale options available

Emotionally Empowered Holistic Wellness: Tarot-Informed Mental Health Coaching

A unique fusion of traditional mental health coaching with the wisdom of tarot and spirituality. The approach in these sessions is directive and designed for individuals seeking profound clarity, guidance, and a deeper connection with their spiritual center. Led by a skilled mental health expert and spiritual worker, our sessions combine evidence-based techniques with intuitive insights from tarot, fostering a holistic understanding of one’s emotional landscape. Ideal for those who yearn to trust their intuition and navigate life’s challenges with confidence, Emotionally Empowered Holistic Wellness provides an intentional, collaborative, and protected space for a transformative journey towards self-discovery, spiritual alignment and personal growth.

Cost: $50-$150
*can be tailored to individual needs

Support Groups

A support group is a safe place where you can talk about your emotions and circumstances with others who know how you feel and won’t judge or criticize you. It can also help you to learn coping strategies, share experiences and receive validation from people who have similar experiences as you, create opportunities to learn new self-care tools, and maintain a sense of hope. We will offer a variety of groups for issues such as finding community, managing difficult emotions, creating boundaries, and identity exploration.

Cost: $30-$50 per session

Professional Supervision

As licensed professionals in the state of IL, we are qualified to provide supervision support for those seeking LCSW and LCPC licensure. The supervision space is one of honesty, empathy, and authenticity where we identify areas for growth and process clinical experiences to best support each new professional’s individualized journey. Hours will be tracked and signed off on to ensure compliance with licensing requirements.

Cost: $160 per hour individual/$60 per hour group

Consultation Services

The world is a constantly evolving place. At times, some of these shifts can create new opportunities for adaptation and growth and we are pleased to be able to offer professional consultation to support organizational health and promote overall wellness. Let us support you and your employees today.

Examples of Organizational Training Topics:
Ethics in Nonprofit Client Work
Vicarious Trauma – The Helping Profession’s Pandemic
Use of Self in Clinical Work
Emotionally Empowered Living
Trauma-Informed Care
Decolonized Mental Health and Wellness
Strategies for Healers in Higher Ed
Self-Care in Practice

Cost: Determined by company/organization needs

Areas of expertise:

Depression & anxiety
Mood Disorders
Relationship & Communication Issues
Systemic Oppression
Life Transitions
Stress Management
Grief and Loss
Racial Identity Exploration & Development

Gender/Sexuality Exploration
Childhood Trauma
College-Related Stress
Spiritual Concerns
Organizational Culture
Leadership and Entrepreneurs
Professional Development
Higher Education Wellness
Burnout/Compassion Fatigue